Fucoidan Health News January: Set new goals in the new year!

Set new goals in the new year! Tiny Changes Make a Big Difference

We always start a new year with new goals. But setting your goals too high may sometimes put you off.
Try to make a small step every day. This way, you can have a big change with a sense of accomplishment totally stress-free. You will also build good habits and become a healthier and better person without yourself knowing!


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  • ◾️ Smile: smile in the mirror to cheer yourself up
  • ◾️ Early to bed: keep a healthy sleep habit (7-9 hours)
  • ◾️ Meditation: meditate for some time to release negative energy
  • ◾️ Reading: read books you enjoy for 15 minutes every day
  • ◾️ Less processed food: say no to chips, instant noodles, and canned food
  • ◾️ Hydration: drink more water to keep your brain and metabolism going
  • ◾️ Walking: walk more or take the stairs to prevent heart disease
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   Simple and useful finger massage exercises help increase immunity

Finger massagers are getting popular in recent years. It can be used for acupuncture point stimulation. You can massage your fingers for 3-5 minutes to reduce stress and improve immunity. All fingers can be massaged as each finger have different acupuncture points which correspond to different organs and emotions.

Benefits of finger massager:

  • ✅ Reduce symptoms of cold hands
  • ✅ Helps relax the body
  • ✅ Fight against various negative emotions
  • ✅ Relieve fatigue and stress from work and study
  • ✅ Improve immunity
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 Massaging your fingers to relieve illnesses

  • 1. Thumb – Helps ease the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases, dermatitis, hair loss, and sore throat.
  • 2. Index finger – Helps ease the symptoms of constipation, appetite loss, gastric discomfort, and chronic gastritis.
  • 3. Middle finger – Helps ease the symptoms of liver diseases, fatigue, loss of appetite, tinnitus, and dizziness.
  • 4. Ring finger – Helps ease the symptoms of cold, sore throat, headache, frequent urination, excessive sweating, and cold uterus.
  • 5. Little finger – Helps ease the symptoms of sore shoulders, sore waist, tired eyes, obesity, and insomnia.
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How to use the massage ring:

  • 🔹 Put the massage ring on the finger, slowly move it from the root of the finger to the tip of the finger, and roll it back and forth several times to effectively relieve the numbness and fatigue of the finger.
  • 🔹 Repeat several times until it feels warm or for 30-60 seconds.
  • 🔹 Avoid using too much force during use as you may cause pain in your fingers.

Things to take note while using the finger massager

  • 🔹 Remove the massage ring after usage as it is not suitable for long-term wear.
  • 🔹 Not recommended for use on wounded or swollen fingers.
  • 🔹 Use it twice a day regularly for best results. Things to take note of while using the finger massager.

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