Fucoidan Health News March: Longevity Wisdom from Okinawa “Nuchigusui “

fucoidan Health news march
Longevity Wisdom from Okinawa

Okinawa: Islands of longevity

Okinawa consists of more than 150 islands in the southwestern tip of the Japanese archipelago. History notes Okinawans for their longevity and their healthy lifestyle. Not only do Okinawans live longer, but they also age well! The Okinawa Islands of Longevity are where we at Umi No Shizuku started our journey to discover the secret to a healthier life. We came across the traditional Okinawan saying “Nuchigusui.” It translates to, “life’s medicine,” but is used to describe one’s happiest experiences. This spiritual fulfillment comes from good food, a beautiful landscape, and quality time with loved ones.

Okinawans believe that these moments have a therapeutic effect and call it Nuchigusui. Nuchigusui is the Okinawan traditional approach to a fulfilling life. Okinawan wisdom defines being healthy as having a wholesome state of both mind and body. The Okinawan tradition has much to teach the rest of us about adding more meaning and fulfillment to our lives. So without further ado, let’s dive right into the secrets of Okinawan Longevity. We will start by looking at how we can implement more Nuchigusui into our daily lives:

Nuchigusui (Let food be your medicine)

Traditional Okinawan foods are a significant part of Nuchigusui. They include green leafy vegetables, turmeric, and seaweeds. The Okinawa Research Center for Longevity Science has undertaken countless studies into the advantageous properties of indigenous flora and fauna.

Okinawa Mozuku is one such superfood indigenous to the region. Okinawa Mozuku is a type of brown seaweed that is very rich in fucoidan, a sulfated polysaccharide mainly found in this plant family with many health benefits . About a quarter of the ingredients of Mozuku are made of fucoidan. Try adding brown seaweed, especially Okinawa Mozuku, to your diet. Due to its rarity, most people have trouble procuring it fresh. However, Umi No Shizuku has you covered with our premium Fucoidan products.

Add colors to your diet

A healthy diet is filled with a plethora of colors in a variety of fruits and vegetables that can add balance to your body. Apart from Mozuku, Okinawans make regular use of the following amazing foods:

  • Goya (bitter melon)
  • Beniimo(Purple taro)
  • Moroheiya (mallow leaf)
  • Shiikuwasha (Okinawan citrus)

okinawa foods

Enjoy meals with your loved ones

COVID-19 has made it impossible for families to hold together the habit of large familyy gatherings around food. The importance of enjoying meals with those you love cannot be understated. Okinawans recognize the advantage of this simple habit and are careful to not let it die. While the COVID-19 has made such a thing hard it is not altogether impossible yet. Consider a picnic at the beach, or at the backyard, or maybe even a Zoom dinner party. What’s important is to make mealtime synonymous with the importance one has for the family. Enjoying the two together can improve our mental and physical health significantly.

Reach out, share this article, and suggest doing something together. You might be surprised how energized you become afterward! Even when we live far away from Okinawa, there are many elements of the Okinawan diet and Okinawan philosophy that we can learn and try ourselves at home. As always, you can rely on Umi No Shizuku to continue sharing inspiring wisdom with you in the days to come.


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