Fucoidan Health News February: 4 Types of Age – What Is Your True Age?

fucoidan Health news February 2022
4 Types of Age: What Is Your True Age?

4 Types of Age: What Is Your True Age?

“How old do you think you are if you don’t know your birthday?”

Surprisingly, your answer may not be the same as your actual age, as you may feel younger or even older. Why? The concept of age is closely related, and the key to longevity is to be clear about aging. Even for people who are aware of their age, aging is usually different for everyone.

A human being’s age can be categorized into four types: Chronological age, Appearance age, Biological age, and Mental age.

4 Types Of Age

  1. Chronological Age: What’s on your ID?
  2. Chronological age is the age calculated based on the year of our birth but not a good indicator of how healthy a person is aging.

  3. Appearance Age: How old do you look?
  4. Have you ever been to a high school reunion and were surprised that some of your classmates look ten years younger while others look ten years older? That’s the appearance age.

  5. Biological Age: Are you in good shape?
  6. Biological age is a measurement of your age based on biomarkers which is the function of the body’s vital organs at a cellular and molecular level. People enter puberty and start having gray hair or losing hair at different times. Biological age is determined by hormones, myelination in the brain, and other lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, stress, sleep, etc.

  7. Psychological Age: How young do you feel and act?
  8. Different age groups have different behaviors and thought processes. Some people might “act young” or “act old” regardless of age. This is where the concept of psychological age comes in. Are you optimistic about life? Are you emotionally mature? Do you think logically? Various factors affect our psychological age. It is believed that most people feel about eight years younger than their age.


📌Psychological Age Vs. Biological Age: Which Is More Important For Health?

Some studies have shown that people whose “mental age” is 8 to 13 years older than their “physical age” have an 18-25% higher risk of death. A young mind is an excellent medicine for good health. As people get older, they become less outgoing and less open to new experiences. However, people with a younger “mental age” are more optimistic about the future.

Most people felt about eight years younger than their actual chronological age. However, some felt they had aged – and the consequences were serious. Feeling between 8 and 13 years older than your actual age resulted in an 18-25% greater risk of death over the study periods and greater disease burden – even when you control other demographic factors such as education, race, or marital status.

On the other hand, biological age helps us know how our bodies are doing and reminds us whether we are maintaining our overall health.

To enjoy a healthy and longer life, balancing the two types of aging is important and optimize both.

What should I do if my biological age is higher than my actual age?

Don’t worry! We need to change our lifestyle by adjusting a few habits to turn back the biological clock. So, staying active and keeping the new balanced nutrition is critical.


Japan’s “healthy life expectancy” hits a record high.

It’s nice to be able to live long. However, the quality of life matters too.

A “healthy life expectancy” is the number of years that one can live a healthy life without the need for caregivers. The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare has announced that the “healthy life expectancy” of Japan’s elderly population in 2019 has reached a record high in both years.

Men: 72.68 years Women: 75.38 years.

There are many reasons why people in Japan live longer and healthier, but their diet is one of the most significant factors.

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