Fucoidan Health News December: Smart Tips for Healthy Eating at Holiday Get-together

fucoidan Health news December 2021
Tips for Healthy Eating for the Holiday

Smart Tips for Healthy Eating at Holiday Get-together

It’s the time of the year again! Time for your family, festivity… and, of course, FOOD! The holiday season is mostly coupled with overeating. Soups, steaks, roasted turkeys, pizzas, pasta, sugary drinks, and all sorts of desserts are mouthwatering. However, did you know that one festive meal can contain more than 3000 calories! This exceeds the daily recommended amount for adults! Please follow these tips to meet your calorie intake and stay healthy during the holiday!

  • Use fruit as ingredients for the salad. Replace desserts with fruit. Choose sugar-free or yogurt over sweetened drinks
  • Meat: Replace red meat with white meat. For example, turkey is high in protein which can fill your stomach while providing lots of nutrition including zinc, an essential mineral to keep the immune system strong
  • Avoid standing right next to the food, or you may unintentionally reach out for more
  • Take a 10-minute break to allow your stomach to receive the ‘full’ signal from the brain. Otherwise, you may be tempted to just eat non-stop
  • The more activities, the better. Take a walk before or even between dinner and desserts to aid digestion


Supplements that Aid Digestion

  • Probiotics will fill your digestive tract with good bacteria to enhance digestion and ingestion
  • Fucoidan is rich in soluble fiber that can help bowel movement and support the immune system
  • Ginger can promote gastric acid secretion and activate digestive enzymes in saliva to aid digestion and ease an upset stomach


Gathering with friends and family is exciting and something we have all missed! However, the virus is still out there, and it’s worth taking extra caution! Here are 4 additional tips for a safer and happier gathering with friends and families during the pandemic:

  • Avoid passing around plates at the table, arrange one person wearing gloves on to serve food
  • Clinking glasses may spread the virus; raise a toast instead
  • Control the number of guests and reduce time spent together. Maintain less physical contact such as hugging and kissing
  • Children should sleep with their parents if overnight stay is needed. Children from different family bubbles should not sleep together to avoid cross-infection


Holiday Greetings! Many good wishes for the holiday season and the coming year.

Thank you so much for choosing Fucoidan Umi No Shizuku and for your long-term support. We will continue to deliver our brand promise – to provide the best and safest fucoidan products and become your health partner in your life journey.
Let’s wrap up the end of the year with all blessings. We come together as loyal companions only to bring along heartwarming laughter, wellbeing, and felicity.
Thank you for your trust, and we look forward to seeing you very soon. May peace and safety be with you always!
— From your Fucoidan consulting team.

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