Fucoidan Health News September: What’s In Your Cabinet?

fucoidan Health news September
What to keep in your first-aid kit

A doctor’s recommendation on what to keep in your first-aid kit.

When was the last time you checked what’s in your first aid kit? Accidents at home can happen when you least expect them, and they are inevitable. Doctor Tachikawa recommends checking your first-aid kit once a year and keeping these recommended items at home. Having a stocked-up first aid kit will help you manage minor ailments and accidents in a better way.

Each family’s first aid kit varies as per the need of the family members. However, there are three categories of items that you should include in your first-aid kits.

1. First-Aid kit for an emergency. (=Used before doctor consultation)
2. Common medicines for minor Illness
3. Supplements for daily health care

1. For Emergency

Most minor cuts and bruises can be treated effectively. However, if the bleeding does not stop after 15 minutes, consult a doctor immediately.

2. Common Medicine for Mild Illness

When stocking up your medicines, choose safe, efficient, user-friendly, and with fewer side effects. These are usually acute and mild illnesses.

3. For Daily Health Care

Vitamins, probiotics, fish oil, Fucoidan, etc., can help support your body and immune system. And it is essential to maintain good immunity during the epidemic.

Here are two additional tips for you:

1. Pandemic Necessities

As the pandemic is still ongoing, there is no way that you would run out of face masks, alcohol wipes, and thermometers. These items can be placed in the first aid kit or at a location where it is easily accessible.

2. List of Instructions for Emergency

Write down the emergency phone numbers and a list of medications in your first aid kit for easy reference. Also, include information such as their expiry dates, dosage, serving size, etc.


Please use this checklist to review your medical cabinet and ensure convenience & proficiency during an expected emergency!


Emergency First Aid

Elastic bandage
Adhesive Tape
Triangular scarf
Safety pin
Round-head scissors
Disinfecting alcohol swabs

Common Medicines

Cold Medicine
Anti-fever medicine
Anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers
Antidiarrheal medicine, gastrointestinal medicine
Anti-itch cream
Eye drops
Anti-allergic medicine

Daily Health Care

Fish oil


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