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How To Keep Maintaining Medically Ideal Weight To Live Long

To stay the perfect weight — not too skinny and not too overweight — it is essential to avoid disease and maintain longevity. If you remain the ideal weight, you will have the quality of life to enjoy your life and could be against any viruses.

1) Relationship between dietary restrictions and longevity

To achieve a balanced diet, one needs to keep everything stable. If you restrict the intake of only some nutrients, such as fat and sugar, to their nutritional limits, you will not achieve a balanced diet. A balanced diet is achieved by consuming all nutrients evenly. The human body has a longevity gene, which turns on when certain conditions are met. One of these conditions is calorie restriction. When you reduce your calories by 30%, it has the effect of suppressing changes in the body clock and rejuvenating the body. The body clock is an inner clock that controls the various biological rhythms of the body by engraving rhythms in a daily cycle. Recently, it has become clear that the body clock leads to good health and longevity. The body clock is active when young, but loses normal function as the population ages. Thus, it is a good idea that, by eating 80% of your regular diet and not overeating, you can reduce your calorie intake and improve your health.

2) Is it right for your health if you are thin?

Obesity causes lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and other heart and cerebrovascular diseases. Thus, some people are trying to reduce their weight to prevent lifestyle-related diseases and keep their weight from increasing. However, it is not only obesity that triggers illness, but being exceedingly thin as well. For adults, obesity is determined using the BMI (Body Mass Index), an international standard index. A BMI of 25 or higher is considered obese, increasing the risk of lifestyle-related diseases. However, low body weight with a BMI of less than 18.5, so-called leanness, also increases the risk of poor physical condition and illness. In recent years, the weight loss of young women has increased iron deficiency anemia and irregular menstruation due to rapid diet and dietary bias. The desire to lose weight also causes anorexia nervosa. Also, newborn babies with a BMI of less than 18.5 often have a low birth weight of less than 2,500 g at birth. It is said that underweight infants do not get enough nutrition before they are born, and as they grow older, they are at higher risk of illnesses. The elderly are worried about the results of blood tests for cholesterol, etc. They excessively reduce the number of oils and fats in their diet, decrease physical function, and experience loss of appetite and diet, resulting in weight loss. When the BMI is less than 18.5 in the elderly, the patient becomes undernourished, which leads to weakened immunity, delayed wound healing, falling due to muscle weakness, and incapacitation.


How to exercise and eat correctly

1) Increase basal metabolism with aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercises, such as walking and running, consume energy when done for a short period, but 20 minutes after starting, we begin to use body fat as an energy source.

2) Increase basal metabolism with anaerobic exercise

Anaerobic exercise, like aerobic exercise, has a low rate of fat burning during use, but it trains muscles called fast muscles. In other words, if you train your muscles, you will be able to burn more calories and build a body that quickly loses weight, even if you are living the same life as before. For reducing body fat, it is recommended that you combine anaerobic and aerobic exercise, such as muscle training, walking, and aerobic exercise, in that order.

3) Firmly increase protein and improve basal metabolism

The amino acids that makeup proteins are essential nutrients that are needed when converting what you eat into energy. If this is insufficient, the energy metabolism cycle will not go smoothly, and even if you have a low-calorie count, it will quickly accumulate as fat.

4) Ingestion of vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are some of the nutrients you should take along with protein. Like proteins, they also play an essential role in energy metabolism, and if insufficient, metabolism becomes difficult. They are also needed when making muscle from protein.

5) Be aware of the order of eating

It has become clear that slowing the rate of increase in blood sugar while organizing the order of eating will prevent body fat accumulation. Regulating the order of consumption suppresses the amount of insulin that is secreted by rising blood sugar levels. Controlling insulin is important because insulin has the function of promoting the synthesis of excess glucose in the body into neutral fat. Eating in order of vegetable → side dishes such as meat and fish → rice can moderate the increase in blood sugar levels. It is recommended that you eat mushrooms, seaweeds, etc. first in addition to vegetables, as eating high-fiber diets can suppress the rise in blood sugar levels.

6) Eating slowly and chewing well

It is said that there is a relationship between eating speed and BMI (index of obesity). It takes 20 minutes after you start eating for the blood sugar level to rise, after which a signal is sent to the satiety center. The appetite-suppressing hormone (leptin) then begins to work. In other words, those who finish eating within 20 minutes are likely to overeat inevitably.



fucoidan Health news september
healthy life



1) 饮食限制与长寿之间的关系


2) 如果过瘦,对健康有好处吗?

肥胖会引起与生活方式有关的疾病,例如糖尿病,动脉硬化以及其他心脏和脑血管疾病。因此,一些人正在尝试减轻体重以预防与生活方式有关的疾病并防止体重增加。然而,引发疾病的不仅是肥胖,还有过于瘦弱。对于成年人来说,肥胖的判断标准是使用国际标准指数BMI(身体质量指数)。 BMI指数达到25以上就属于肥胖,会增加患生活方式相关疾病的风险。然而,BMI指数低于18.5的低体重,即所谓的瘦削,也会增加身体状况不佳和疾病的风险。近年来,年轻女性的体重下降,由于快速饮食和饮食偏差,增加了缺铁性贫血和月经不调。急于减肥也会引起神经性厌食症。另外,BMI小于18.5的新生儿,出生时体重往往低于2500克。据说,体重过低的婴儿在出生前没有得到足够的营养,随着年龄的增长,他们患病的风险也会增加。老年人则担心血液中胆固醇等的检查结果。他们过度减少饮食中的油脂数量,身体机能下降,食欲不振,饮食不节,导致体重下降。当老年人的BMI小于18.5时,患者会出现营养不良,导致免疫力减弱,伤口愈合延迟,因肌无力而跌倒,丧失劳动能力。



1) 通过有氧运动,增加基础代谢


2) 通过无氧运动,增加基础代谢


3) 增加蛋白质,提高基础代谢


4) 摄取维生素和矿物质


5) 注意饮食顺序


6) 吃饭要细嚼慢咽


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