Fucoidan Umi No Shizuku - Powder Supplement

Fucoidan - Powder Supplement
 Fucoidan content: 100 mg per sachet (3g per box)
 1 Box : 1.5g X 30 sachet


   Mozuku & Mekabu extract fucoidan
   Powdered Agaricus mycelium extract
   Young barley leaves powder 
   Green Tea
   Brewer's yeast

*Supplement facts


Dissolve one sachet into 4~5 ounce of water or juice. You may also add ice and make it a refreshing drink for summer time! Fucoidan, the main ingredient, is a water soluble dietary fiber with the properties of polysaccharide. It's blended into a tasty powder with Agaricus mycelium extract, brewer's yeast, young barley leaves and green tea.

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